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PRO Revolution League Intro

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PRO Revolution League Intro Empty

PRO Revolution League Intro Empty
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PRO Revolution League Intro Empty

PRO Revolution League Intro Empty
PostSubject: PRO Revolution League Intro PRO Revolution League Intro I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 11:41 pm


PRO Revolution League is a Tournament that will be held during the whole Season with an unlimited number of participants and will test your skills to the limit. Do you think you are a good player? Let's see how stable you can be facing the best Duelists around while we squeeze your game knowledge to the maximum!

Basic Rules:
  • You need to have a dormitory to participate in this event and you should be ranked between Water Beasts and Divine Titans.
  • If you want to participate in this event, just leave a message in the PRO Revolution League Sub-Forum with your IGN name and that you agree to all the rules and we will place you in the League Table so you can start dueling!
  • All the players will face each other twice – home and away. You can meet with your League rivals online in the chatbox or simply finding them in Skype to complete the respective matches. There is no order to follow here, just duel when you feel comfortable, and remember that you have the whole season ahead of you to complete the matches! The more matches you play, the better is your chance of qualifying to the Great Finals!
  • Every duel you play requires all the replays to be posted to be awarded. In case you want to post only screenshots we will need the confirmation of your opponent and/or vice versa!
  • Matches will be played in OCG/TCG format and ANY decks are allowed!
  • You will be awarded with 15 GS for every won match during the regular season and 150 GS for every won match during the direct eliminations stage!
  • The points will be distributed in the following manner:
    Win 2:0 = 6 points
    Win 2:1 = 4 points
    Lose 1:2 = 2 points
    Lose 0:2 = 0 points
  • Insulting players, swearing and saying stuff like «you are lucky» etc. is strictly forbidden and will be punished by point deductions (you just need to provide a screenshot to prove the harassment took place).
    If someone is found insulting players several times, this player will be removed from the tournament.
  • In case 2 players in the end of the season have the same amount of points (for example 80), the one that will be higher in ranking will be determined according to the better singles +/- difference (if player A has 50-47 in singles (+3) and player B 50-46 (+4), player B will be higher in ranking).
  • In the end of the season the top 8 players from PRO Revolution League will clash with the top 8 players from Apprentice League to determine who the best Player of the season is! The winner will get 2000 GS, a special signature from our Art Master, the title of “Season X Ultimate Player” and a place between our Academy Staff!
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PRO Revolution League Intro

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