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Shadow Zone Intro

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PostSubject: Shadow Zone Intro Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:19 am

At Shadow Zone, you can challenge another PRA-Member for a Shadow Match!
You can bet any amount of GS or PURCHASED ITEMS and even your current RANK! For example: A Fire Hero can BET his RANK against a Divine Titan. If the Fire Hero WINS he will become a Divine Titan and the Divine Titan will become a Fire Hero! NOTE: The Player with a lower rank should bet his rank + the amount of Game Stars the Player of the higher rank will ask. The higher ranked player can also set his rules for the upcoming Shadow duel.

  • During Shadow Duels the Player that wins 2 matches out of 3 claims the victory! This rule has been set to minimize the Luck factor.
  • Every MATCH you play requires all the replays to be posted to be awarded. In case you want to post only screenshots we will need the confirmation of your opponent and/or vice versa!
  • Matches will be played in OCG/TCG format and FTK-decks are not allowed! (Burn, Stall and mill decks can be used)
  • It's obvious that you can only BET with GS/ITEMS/RANK that are currently in your possession!
  • You can only participate when you are Dormed!
  • You can play with the same Duelist only once every 5 days (120 hours)!
  • The replays will be examined by judges to avoid unfair behavior!
  • Have fun and play it smart!!!

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Shadow Zone Intro

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