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WORLD CUP Intro Empty

WORLD CUP Intro Empty
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WORLD CUP Intro Empty

WORLD CUP Intro Empty
PostSubject: WORLD CUP Intro WORLD CUP Intro I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10, 2013 7:09 pm


Dear Duelists, welcome to the World Cup, the most Important, Astonishing, Crazy, Exciting and Bloody Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament in the World! This competition will be held once a season with the 32 players that are highest in the Seasonal Rank and that will represent their Native Countries! Honour, Pride and Skills will clash with each other to reach the Ultimate Glory and prove that you are part of the Greatest Nation with the Best and Most Talented Players in the World!

Basic Rules:
  • Insulting Players, swearing and saying stuff like «you are lucky» etc. is strictly forbidden and will be punished by point deductions (you just need to provide a screenshot to prove the harassment took place). If someone is found insulting players several times, this player will be removed from the tournament.
  • During the group stage, each Player will be allowed to register up to 3 Decks for the Tournament and will send them to the Judges! During the course of the entire Tournament, each Player can switch between the submitted Decks whenever he wants...you have also the privilege to make changes in your Deck up to 3 times (Extra and Side, but no changes in Main deck), but always need to confirm with one of the Judges after each change.
  • The points will be distributed in the following manner during the group stage:
    Win 2:0 = 12 points
    Win 2:1 = 8 points
    Lose 1:2 = 4 points
    Lose 0:2 = 0 points

  • The top 2 Players in each group will advance to single eliminations, where points will not count anymore, and as a special privilege to the qualifiers, they can submit a 4th deck they could use and tell about this to one of the Judges.
  • All the Players during the group stage will face each other twice – home and away, and everybody will have 4 days to complete the 2 duels between each other. We will be very strict with the time limits unless something really serious happens. After a round is posted, Players will have 4 days to complete their duels. Players should make all the efforts to complete their 2 matches within the given time period. If a Player is inactive or did not make the effort to get the match played, that Player will get an automatic 2-match loss. If both Players didn't try their best to play the matches they will just get an X for both matches. If for some reason both Players have been active, trying to find each other but couldn't duel because of X problem (Time Zone conflicts, never met up each other online etc) - both Players will get a double draw 0:0 0:0 and will have 1 point in total for each of that 2 matches.
  • The best way to contact your opponent is pm'ing here or through Skype, don't wait in the chatbox till somebody gets online, set a day and time to play with your opponent the 2 matches. REMEMBER to save screens of your sent messages to the other Player! In the case your opponent doesn't show up, this will be the evidence that you have been active and looking for the duel!
  • The replays should be sent to one of the Judges that will check your deck and the cards that have been used to avoid unfair play. )
  • In case 2 Players in the end of the group stage have the same amount of points (for example 30), the one that will be higher in Ranking will be determined according to the better singles +/- difference (if player A has 20-17 in singles (+3) and player B 20-16 (+4), player B will be higher in Ranking)
  • During single eliminations the Player that wins 2 matches out of 3 advances to the next stage!
  • The winner of the World Cup will get 3000 GS, a special super high quality Signature from our Art Master, the title “Emperor of the World” and a place between our Academy Staff! If you have any questions, feel free to add me in Skype: gambit_1986 (Mister)
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