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TAG Zone (Rules and explanation)

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TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Empty

TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Empty
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TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Empty

TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Empty
PostSubject: TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) I_icon_minitimeFri May 17, 2013 4:24 pm


1. The zone where you can challenge other PRA-members for a TAG-match.
2. You will both be awarded with GS if you have won a match.
3. Every duel you play requires all the replays to be posted to be awarded. Try to make an arrangement of which one of the two will post it! In case you want to post only screenshots we will need the confirmation of your opponent and/or vice versa!
4. Matches will be played in OCG/TCG format and FTK-decks, Burn, Stall and mill decks are NOT allowed!
5. You can only participate when you are Dormed!
6. The replays and/or screenshots will be examined by Judges to avoid unfair behavior!
7. You can play with the same Duelist/Opponents only once every 24 hours!
8. Have fun and let the TAGGING begin!

For every match won you will both earn 25 GS.

TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) 6gJ8yfy

TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Aa8003
TAG Zone (Rules and explanation) Fatalt10
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TAG Zone (Rules and explanation)

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